Propel LLC Awarded a Phase I SBIR from the Defense Health Agency

Propel LLC has been awarded a new Phase I SBIR from the Defense Health Agency

“Compression Garment with Embedded Electronics for Ambulatory Health and Performance Monitoring”


Project Abstract:


The concept of operations for future warfighters includes real-time physiological health and status monitoring during mission operations. A compression e-garment that is capable of collection, storage and secure transmission of health data is a key unmet technology requirement for such monitoring. Propel, working iteratively with the DHA as a customer and the project team, proposes to deliver a detailed plan at the conclusion of Phase I addressing in detail the feasibility of producing such a functional e-wearable compression garment. Objectives for the e-garment will be ultra low power needs, embedded sensors for heart rate, respiration rate, skin temperature and metabolic load, transparency to the user, user acceptance for form, fit and comfort, and well as a e-wearable garment cost consistent with Department of Defense acquisition goals.


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