Ghillie Suit Yarn Accessory Kit (YAK)

Propel developed the Fire Resistant Ghillie Yarn Accessory Kit in response to a request from the  Program Manager for Soldier Combat and Individual Equipment (PM-SCIE), US Army, to the US textile industry for help in replacing  the highly flammable hemp/jute textile used by US Army Snipers to construct their personal camouflage system - known as a Ghillie Suit. 

The project to develop Fire Resistant materials was part of the US Army’s upgrade to Flame Resistant textiles for combat clothing items. Propel was awarded a  contract to develop the new FR solution, working closely with PM-SCIE and engineers at the US Army Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, Natick, MA.

The new FR  Yarn Accessory Kit (Ghillie YAK) was successfully tested  by  the US Army Sniper School, Fort Benning.   Soldiers can now rapidly add FR yarns to their ghillie suit  using the four colors of FR yarn derived from the Operational Camouflage Pattern.

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