Exoskin® is a unique polyurethane membrane with superior water-resistant and abrasion resistance properties, and  proven to withstand the equivalent of 4 years continual use in accelerated aging tests. With up to 400% stretching capability, withstanding up to 2200kg of tensile stress per square inch, this super-stretchy material can be used for neck and wrist seals, for moulding applications or even a whole garment. Exoskin from Propel is part of the US Air Force's Integrated Aircrew Ensemble.

Propel, in partnership with Dartex the inventor of the Exoskin® membrane, has developed several unique 100% US Made Berry Compliant versions of Exoskin laminates. We have both 2-layer and 3-layer laminates with core textiles in a range of weights and stretch knit and woven constructions. Typically the Exoskin® membrane is black, but in fact we can make it any color. Propel also supplies matching heat activated seam tape for waterproofing sealing, and can advise on stitchless assembly methods for ultimate weight reduction in the finished product.


Exoskin® is a registered trademark of Dartex Coatings.