WASP™: Wearable Advanced Sensor Platform

Propel is a key member of the multi-company, multi-university team that has worked with Globe Manufacturing LLC, Pittsfield NH, to develop the first workplace wearable to continuously monitor a firefighterʼs physiology and indoor location. WASP™ collects, transmits, and displays integrated user data in real time to a command station or remote monitoring location. Knowing where First Responders are and what condition they are in will be a major improvement to workplace safety. The WASP™ system is currently installed at multiple fire training institutes and fire departments in the US, and is being utilized for university-based fire fighter health and safety research.

Propel has been the project manager for the development of WASP™, and developed materials and technology solutions for the patent-pending smart shirt. Propel continues to work on the evolution of the WASP™ shirt and system as part of the technology road map, and the companyʼs commitment to enhancing Firefighter health and safety with smart technologies.


WASP™: Wearable Advanced Sensor Platform | Globe Turnout Gear