Our Approach


Our clients say it better than we can -

"I  worked with Propel on at least 4 projects over  5 years, and can say they are a company that is not easy to describe in a sound byte. They have a wealth of experience in textile materials and processes and are able to think about a problem and its solution from conceptualization through full scale manufacturing, with attention to both design and business detail. Additionally, I believe their integrity affords them the ability to extract innovation from their network of partners on projects that many companies would consider too far out to pay attention to."

- Dr. Paul Nahass, formerly Government Business Manager, Aspen Aerogels

Recent Collaborations

Case Studies

Stitchless Seam Engineering

As a small business a source of inspiration for projects is the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.  In 2012 the Navy put out a topic, Seam Engineering: Stitchless Seam Technology, that resonated with us. We saw in this project a technology innovation footpath to the future in what to date has always been the…

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Smart Integrated Uniform™

Naval uniforms do not exist to keep pace with the evolving multifunctional human-system interface technologies envisioned for future ship command, control and operation. A need exists to advance the state of wearable technologies capable of seamlessly integrating with evolving ships systems. In response to this knowledge gap, Propel LLC was competitively selected and awarded in…

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