Smart Integrated Uniform™

Naval uniforms do not exist to keep pace with the evolving multifunctional human-system interface technologies envisioned for future ship command, control and operation. A need exists to advance the state of wearable technologies capable of seamlessly integrating with evolving ships systems. In response to this knowledge gap, Propel LLC was competitively selected and awarded in 2015 a US Navy
Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to research, investigate, evaluate and rank fiber, yarn and textile technologies that have the potential to be embedded into uniform items in order to design and develop a sailor garment system that enables linkage of ship systems to the human in the near, mid and long term.

Our SBIR project is currently in its second six months (Phase I Option) and further work is anticipated in which demonstration projects will be undertaken to develop textiles and garments using the most promising technologies.  Please contact Propel for further information. We are particularly interested in new and emerging technologies that could be integrated into demonstration Smart Integrated uniforms™.



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